What do we produce


Since the establishment of ProMon International the Poland factory produces for instance high quality cushions for massage tables by order of an important reseller.

The massage tables are sold and distributed  internationally to physiotherapists.


Another example is the produce of safety cushions by order of Rabobank.


All raw materials and elements like leather, foam, artificial leather, wood, glue etc. are bought by ProMon.

We herewith can guarantee this highest quality of all elements, which gives the best outcome in terms of quality of the final product.

Gathering raw materials in large quantities for several buyers, we can bargain for attractive prices at our suppliers. This leads to lower prices for our customers.

Co-workers are educated on a regular basis.

Most of the time this is practiced internally at the factory, but this also takes place at and with help of our suppliers or our customers.

The intention is always to be able to provide the highest standard of quality of all products.

In order to deliver state of art products at a reasonable price it is inevitable to be present in the Polish factory on a regular basis to control,  as a Dutch manufacturer, the total production process.

Due to our experience as a supplier of  sewing-machines and the use of these machines in our own factory we are able to also work up special materials like stretch-rubber.

To be able to secure fast, flexible and efficient delivery we take care of transportation between Poland en the Netherlands under own management.