To meet the requirements of our respected customers and to fulfill our missions to strive for the highest quality of our products at low cost it is of utmost importance to interact with our customers on a regular basis.

A close cooperation between our customers an us is essential in achieving our goals in terms of quality and efficiency.

During many years, in agreement with our customers and suppliers, we developed a workflow that guarantees a maximum of efficiency for all parties involved.

Based upon accurate drawings and models instructed by our customer we produce two samples, that will be evaluated with the customer.

When necessary we will adjust the product.


After approval we will produce the final offer.

While one sample goes to the instructor, the other remains in our factory.

The production will be planned in consultation with the customer.

Usually we will proceed as follows:

Preferably we would like to receive your order 6 weeks in advance per e-mail.

We buy the desired raw materials on behalf of you.




You might consider to buy the raw materials yourself and to deliver, or have it delivered, to our storage in Geleen (the Netherlands), on demand you can have the materials collected by us at your premises.


You can than decide to let us do the purchase in future.


We will arrange transportation of the goods to Poland, where our co-workers will start production.


According to your order our chauffeur will arrive with your products in Geleen.


We will deliver the product to you or you can order someone else to pick up the products from our storage.